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Congratulations to Jeff and Mitch


Photo Credit : Jeff’s Facebook Account

Congratulations to Pastor Jeff and Mitch! Welcome to the happy couple’s club. Soar up high for God’s Kingdom!

Cheaper Wedding Coordination Services

As wedding coordinator, my wife is a perfectionist. She sees to it that everything would be faultless on the day of the wedding that is why she gives her 100% attention to every detail of each wedding she is planning. She even gives advice on how to have a memorable and intimate honeymoon for the couple. She believed that honeymoon is a very special time in a woman’s life and the moment at which the bride want to feel truly beautiful. That one of the things that can make a bride feel gorgeous and desirable is a great set of honeymoon lingerie. Yes, she kept a checklist of every detail of the wedding – from legal documents, wedding traditions , wedding suppliers , bridal shower up to the wedding day itself. For almost 15 years she’s been doing her craft, I would say she’s already an expert!

Want to get her services ? Contact us.. rest assured she’s not pricey. She consider her job as a hobby not a business

It one of the wedding she coordinated

It one of the wedding she coordinated

Wedding Photo Booth

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Sky Watch


The  clear sky during one of the  wedding my wife coordinated! How I wish garden weddings always have this kind of weather.

Unique Wedding Flower Arrangement