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Paradigm shift for our youth Church

In the last 15 years of serving in the youth ministry , I have had ample experiences trying to incorporate some new ideas into ministry. By something new, I do not mean opening stripper poles or wine bar . I am thinking of going out from the comfort zone and having a paradigm shift. Like having different order of worship, new musical styles , new instruments, changed focus and other things .

Attempting to try something new with the vision of being relevant to the youth and its passion can often get one classified as liberal. But this is what we have to do being the the 21st generation, an era of modern technology . To start with, I did some inventory with our musical instruments and gadgets. This is what I found out : We have to upgrade the cymbals for our drum set , new bass guitar tuner , replaced all microphone caps, new set of wireless microphones and add portable amplifiers for mobility during campus crusades. After completing this one we can move on to the next plan.

Guitars that ruled the rock and roll roost for many years

It is undeniable that Gibson Guitars are an icon of the guitar industry. It has ruled the rock and roll roost for many years .Currently Gibson guitars are major player in both the electric guitar and acoustic guitar market. As a musician itself ( I play piano , guitars and other kind of string and wind instruments), I can say the Gibson guitars have the magic combination of technical excellence and prestige. As pioneers in the electric guitar field, they have always made good use of every opportunity to get their guitars played by the leading guitarists like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Peter Green, Chet Atkins and many more.

The company started way back when a man by the name of Orville Gibson started making mandolins in his small workshop located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. A few years later in 1902, Orville started up the Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Manufacturing Company. If you wish to read more about the history of Gibson guitars and how it influenced the music industry, browse the internet . You will surely be amazed by its humble beginning.

Campus mini concert

The young people in our church are into conducting values formation seminars, counseling, symposia and concerts in the public schools here in our city. There is a prevalent problem among the young people today that needed to be addressed and we are in the forefront of the fight against immorality. Last year, a group of young people from California (many of them are musical artists) visited our city and conducted a series of campus mini-concerts dubbed as “WE ARE YOUNG”. All the students enjoyed the music and the program and also hearing important reminders for them to do away with immorality. We noticed that the group used an instrument like the classic protools 11 student at musician’s friend which we are longing to buy for our worship band. The group did a major concert at the end of the five-day campus tour and it was attended by more than Eight  thousand students and adults.

Investing on Musical Instruments

How the idea of begging my sister to buy a sibelius 7 at guitar center for my son? It would be a big investment on her part as the price ranges from $300 to $2000! And that’s a lot of money converted here in our currency. But I would beg for her to save for this as her gift for my son’s birthday next year. That would be one of the most exciting gift he would receive.

My son would surely jump with joy when he opens his gift and discover that it’s a brand new guitar from his aunt in the U.S. It would be the most expensive addition to the spectrum band which he is a member.