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Worship is not a performance

Those you who have been with me for some time or listened to me teach know that I firmly believe that worship is meant for the congregation to participate in, not for a few people to perform in. Over the years I have focused more and more on worship ministry, rather than performing, and thus have gotten better and better at worship leading rather than performing.

Now, young people sometimes are tempted that they are on stage for a performance. Others got irritated from error of technicality . Others also are particular with their gadgets, that one day I brought a pricy guitar from Guitar Center, 2014 firebird , the guitarist quarreled on who  will play it first lol! Young people now a days are so different 20 years ago, when…. I was still at their age.

The season of giving!!

It’s the yuletide season and every one are getting excited for the long-awaited, well-deserved holiday break! Christmas is the most favorite season for all people – adults and kids because it is the time to nurture family ties and value the essence of giving for family members and friends . A time when people use gifts to show their loved ones how they feel about them.

In our church, we joined together in celebrating our Christmas Party as well as Pastor’s Appreciation Sunday. It is the time of the year where church members show their appreciation to us pastors by giving token or presents.
These are the gifts I received 2 Sundays ago. Some gifts were large , some were small , some give in cash while some give their thoughts by writing letters. What ever the form maybe , I am grateful for the the thoughts and the expressions of your love.



THANK  YOU  !!! I know you  put a lot of thought into the items  you  chose to give me.!!!

THANKS to my wife and kids for your very special gift.

How about you ? What did you receive this Christmas ? A  new gadget from  metro phones  ? New Dress  , watch, jewelry ?    

Campus mini concert

The young people in our church are into conducting values formation seminars, counseling, symposia and concerts in the public schools here in our city. There is a prevalent problem among the young people today that needed to be addressed and we are in the forefront of the fight against immorality. Last year, a group of young people from California (many of them are musical artists) visited our city and conducted a series of campus mini-concerts dubbed as “WE ARE YOUNG”. All the students enjoyed the music and the program and also hearing important reminders for them to do away with immorality. We noticed that the group used an instrument like the classic protools 11 student at musician’s friend which we are longing to buy for our worship band. The group did a major concert at the end of the five-day campus tour and it was attended by more than Eight  thousand students and adults.