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Looking for Ukelele

Our family is musically inclined. We all love to sing and play musical instruments. My great grandfather loves to spend time in the evening singing to folk songs during his time while our grandma played a guitar. Our mom plays the piano, guitar and ukelele. My two siblings (I’m the only male), are expert piano players and they could sing too, while I enjoy playing the keyboards, piano and guitar and composing songs. My mom lately told me to look into a ukulele strings review since she wants to buy a brand new ukulele for herself. I will surprise her for this one. I’ll buy her that new musical instrument. I hope I can  get a cheaper ukelele from our local stores here.

Why I love playing the piano

There is nothing that sounds better than a beautiful grand piano sound. I have been playing the Piano since I was 9 years old. Thanks to my mom who compelled me to study piano lessons . Now I can play almost all string and wind instrument. But among all the instruments I have learned to play, I love most the piano. You can produce virtually any sound with it. Now, with the modern keyboard the sounds are so realistic, you can hardly tell that is a keyboard producing them. My Korg Trinity Keyboard has been with me for 15 years which I am using at church . I have a smaller version of a Yamaha Keyboard at home. I am planning to upgrade my best music buddy this year, I hope to get the best deal this black friday from What musical instrument you love to play ?

A classic Ukelele for mom’s birthday

A family of musicians…that’s us. My two sisters can play the piano well, my mom plays the guitar, piano and ukulele, while I play all of those instruments…hehehe. My dad, well he usually sings and muses us with his antics. I long to see and buy a classic ukulele and surprise my mom on her 77th birthday. We used to sing together folk songs and even the songs she remembered way back her younger days. I would ask the help of my two sisters and buy that item. It would surely bring wonderful memories for our dearest mother. ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!