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Term Paper : On choosing a lifetime partner

My mom and dad grew up in conservative families. Not that they were wearing white clothes and sporting long hair though. They told me that their parents give importance to spirituality and family values. They grew up believing that in choosing a partner, God’s guidance must be implored and that advises from the old folks (lolos, lolas, uncles, unties) must also be respected. One thing that is also important my dad told me is the friendship factor. You can get to know a partner without any pretence in friendship. Important in any relationship is an open communication and people who wants to choose a partner for life should realize that they should have a common ground in many things in a relationship. My mom agreed on that. If a guy or a girl doesn’t have a common understanding on spirituality, goals in life, dreams and aspirations, likes and dislikes…how can they then work and partner together?

There should be a time of waiting my dad quipped. He always reminds the young people every time he conducts a seminar or symposium about love and courtship. “TRUE LOVE WAITS” is the motto he wants us to adopt. Wait for the right time and pray for the partner that God will give you someday. He also encouraged me and my sister to “WAIT FOR THE RING UNTIL YOU DO THE THING”. In choosing for a partner my mom reminded me that “If you want to end it right, start it right”. Set your priorities straight. God must be first in everything, and then your family, your studies, career, work and your self comes next. My dad and mom were friends for five years. They both enjoyed working together with the youth in our church. Their love story buddied after years of knowing each other as friends. This is the reason my dad always tell us to have a healthy circle of friends.

b. Terms of agreement and engagement…
Both my parents agreed that in order for their relationship to last, they should set up spiritual standard as its foundation. This may not be so popular today but my mom reiterated the importance of praying for your partner. The pull of lust is so tempting that in keeping their promise to stay pure until the day of their marriage both of them must observe self-control. And both of them agreed that they did not regret in doing this. They spent a lot of their time doing church works, engaging in healthy activities with their friends and church mates. Their engagement is quite short. Just three months after my dad proposed (at Blue Berry, now it’s Brew Berry near the D.V. Soria), the tied the knot in a church wedding on March 28, 1995. It was one of the most joyful moments of their lives they told me.

c. Marriage ceremony…
My dad and mom got married in a Christian wedding officiated by their church pastor and were attended by family, relatives, friends and neighbours. It was like a celebrating a fiesta my mom told me. Every one of their friends was so excited to be part of that event. My dad laughed when he told me that because he was so nervous, he almost forgot to buy a pair of socks that day. All in all, the wedding and the reception (reception was at the PhilTown Hotel and Restaurant) was attended by 270 guests, friends, family members, relatives and neighbours.

d. Residence after marriage…
Before their wedding date, my dad and mom already built a house of their own at Burgos Street, Cagayan de Oro City. After two years they transferred to Balulang, Cagayan de Oro City and lived there for 16 years. That’s where me and my sister grew up. Now, after the Sendong tragedy, they are happily living at Villa Ernesto Subdivision, Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City.

Congratulations to Jeff and Mitch


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Congratulations to Pastor Jeff and Mitch! Welcome to the happy couple’s club. Soar up high for God’s Kingdom!

New Year Cake ?

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The coolest cake I have ever blown!!!

Thank to the Ladies Circle of  Blessed Hope Christian Community Church International

Wedding bands that would stand the test of time

wed ringA wedding ring or band is the most important piece of jewelry you will ever wear in your married life . It is a fitting symbol of eternity, endlessness, and something that can not be broken. Wedding rings are given as a gesture of unending love for each other. Traditionally, as a symbol of strength in the marriage, wedding rings are made from a metal.

Nowadays wedding rings come in so many beautiful styles, it can be difficult to choose the perfect wedding band for you.Choose ones of high-quality and that closely reflect who you are as a couple. Whether classic or trendy your wedding rings should be able to stand the test of time

ABC Wednesday

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G is for GIRL!

This is Dalegaith Grace.. my baby girl  who’s now  beginning to bloom into a fine

and charming lady.