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Military Town Advisory

Everyone who enters military service considers housing benefit as part of their employment package. For the basic entry level, the options are limited but for those with higher rank their  choice for  housing arrangements are wide. Most military men had a strong desire to leave the barracks as soon as possible to find a better place.

Many families choose to live off base due to the many beautiful and affordable houses that can be found outside a military base. It is undeniably true that living off base is a better choice but it has major things to consider like the cost and location. The is one of the sites online that can help military families in understanding more about what’s around the military homes by providing honest reviews about off base neighborhoods, areas surrounding the military base, and on base military housing . The site also can recommend realtor and help find schools for children.

Are you one of those planning to get a house outside the base ? Visit the site and see how they can assist you.

Wedding bands that would stand the test of time

wed ringA wedding ring or band is the most important piece of jewelry you will ever wear in your married life . It is a fitting symbol of eternity, endlessness, and something that can not be broken. Wedding rings are given as a gesture of unending love for each other. Traditionally, as a symbol of strength in the marriage, wedding rings are made from a metal.

Nowadays wedding rings come in so many beautiful styles, it can be difficult to choose the perfect wedding band for you.Choose ones of high-quality and that closely reflect who you are as a couple. Whether classic or trendy your wedding rings should be able to stand the test of time

Orange Monday : Subaru Car Display

A quick snap during one of our travels…


orange car orange

Ventura Residences

A quick snaps during  our visit at Ventura Residences, Xavier Estates, Cag. de Oro City