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Happy Birthday Facebook


We all know about the success story of Facebook, how it started as a Harvard University project , how it started with a humble beginning. When it was just starting , many people say that it is just a fad and that it would soon pass.Now, 9 years has passed it became a phenomenon. It is the greatest discovery in the internet.Facebook is the fastest growing business on earth .In fact today there are more than one billion users and the number is growing each day.

I could not imagine life without facebook!


Why I forgot about this site?

I was so busy with my job, family and ministry that I almost gave up blogging. Yes! I decided to stop blogging for good but my wife who’s a (successful) blogger herself encouraged me to continue .

Then came the Typhoon Sendong ( International name Washi) which devastated our whole city and killing more than Two Thousand people. Our subdivision was severely hit and we were greatly affected physically, emotionally and financially. I no longer have the luxury to spend time online… much more with updating my blog.

Then came January… February… March…

Thank God I finally has the courage to continue this site today…. yes just today when I opened my Go Daddy account and found this domain. Thanks Go Daddy!!!