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Are Chocolates Adddictive ?

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My daughter is a certified Toblerone fan

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Hershey’s kisses… anyone ?

Yes it is! But sometimes it is hard to believe that a lot of people become addicted to eating chocolates. This is because chocolate is never considered as a harmful substance like other addictive items such as drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

A study shows that chocolate targets the same spot on your brain as heroin and morphine. Although chocolate doesn’t affect you as strongly as heroin, it still affects your brain and you can still become addictive as you may well know.

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Time has wings!


It seem like only yesterday when we cuddled thisĀ  little baby in our arms.. was it only yesterday too that she celebrated her 12th birthday?

Now, she’s going to celebrate her birthday so soon! I can not help to thank God for our dear Dalefaith Grace. Actually, she’s sick now and I just misses her. Get well soon exam is coming,you must be well enough to take the exam and get good grades.