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Congratulations to Jeff and Mitch


Photo Credit : Jeff’s Facebook Account

Congratulations to Pastor Jeff and Mitch! Welcome to the happy couple’s club. Soar up high for God’s Kingdom!

ABC Wednesday

dale pic

G is for GIRL!

This is Dalegaith Grace.. my baby girl  who’s now  beginning to bloom into a fine

and charming lady.

Personalized Birthday Gifts

bday collage

Congratulations to RN Hannah Rosal


Not everyone who attempts to pass the Nursing License exam is going to be successful. Any student, even the youngest, comes to realize that the proper way to successfully pass any kind of test is to make sure that the test taker is well-prepared. As for our friend Ms. HANNAH ROSAL, she was not only prepared in taking the exam, she got the faith that the GOD she’s serving since she was still a little child is able to do, exceedingly and abundantly what she has prayed for. Aside from having a family that take care of her so much.. she has a church who supported , prayed and loved her so much!