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Time has wings!


It seem like only yesterday when we cuddled this  little baby in our arms.. was it only yesterday too that she celebrated her 12th birthday?

Now, she’s going to celebrate her birthday so soon! I can not help to thank God for our dear Dalefaith Grace. Actually, she’s sick now and I just misses her. Get well soon exam is coming,you must be well enough to take the exam and get good grades.

True Love Waits Concert and Symposium 2013

Our church “ Blessed Hope Community Church International “ will hold its annual Valentine Concert and Symposium on February 22, 3pm in line with our “ TRUE LOVE WAITS” campaign. This year’s concert will be held in at Capitol University Gymnasium , which is one of the biggest gymnasium in the city.

Below are some of the highlights of  last year’s celebration :

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My short  message
Giving of books for free

With my wife and children

This year’s variety show will include singing, dancing and drama and will focus on the need of our young people today to have the right perspective in choosing priorities in life. Our youth these days are oftentimes victims of wrong choices , thus suffers the consequences of it. We hope we could be an instrument for change.

In line with the big production, we are preparing everything even the musical instruments. We have just upgraded some of the gadgets. We hope we can find ampeg reverberocket and a new set of cymbals before the concert proper.

We are looking forward to the success of this endeavor!