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Who’s clear in the photo?

 photo 270894_10151797538720414_629468853_n.jpg

Took this picture while we were on vacation in Boracay Beach. A foreigner was heavily drunk and sleeping at the  sidewalk 10 o’clock in the morning, so I told my wife to just make a post and I will take a shot. In a rush, I supposed to zoom clear the drunk person but I was mistaken. My wife was the one who’s clear in the photo and the background was blurred.. LOL!

Parasailing at Boracay Island


Para-sailing at Boracay Beach Resort, Philippines

This is one experience I would never forget in my  life. Being a thousand feet above sea level was very scary !!! Who’s not afraid of heights ?

( Me entry for Scenic Weekends)

Parasailing at Boracay Beach Resort


It was the same day today when me and my wife tried this thrilling  adventure. It was her birthday when we  tried to be  100 ft above sea- level through para-sailing and  to be 30 ft below  the water for the helmet diving/reef walking.

( My entry of camera critters and Straight out from the Camera Sunday )

The best sunset picture in Boracay


Now that I have  Canoon 550D DSLR, I can  get the perfect picture for our Boracay Vacation  next week.

My first entry to Blog Photo Challenge.