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A classic Ukelele for mom’s birthday

A family of musicians…that’s us. My two sisters can play the piano well, my mom plays the guitar, piano and ukulele, while I play all of those instruments…hehehe. My dad, well he usually sings and muses us with his antics. I long to see and buy a classic ukulele and surprise my mom on her 77th birthday. We used to sing together folk songs and even the songs she remembered way back her younger days. I would ask the help of my two sisters and buy that item. It would surely bring wonderful memories for our dearest mother. ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!

Investing on Musical Instruments

How the idea of begging my sister to buy a sibelius 7 at guitar center for my son? It would be a big investment on her part as the price ranges from $300 to $2000! And that’s a lot of money converted here in our currency. But I would beg for her to save for this as her gift for my son’s birthday next year. That would be one of the most exciting gift he would receive.

My son would surely jump with joy when he opens his gift and discover that it’s a brand new guitar from his aunt in the U.S. It would be the most expensive addition to the spectrum band which he is a member.

It’s my BIRTHDAY in a few hours!

It’s Ten in the evening and here I am doing some research works for my speaking engagement on  Friday , May 3. As much as I wanted to rest and give my well deserved rest, I am still hook to my laptop.   Two hours from now will be my birthday.  My kids are still up to something to surprise me. I know it because they are busy in their rooms doing something . My wife? I know she’s up to something also tomorrow. Whew! whatever they maybe I am thankful  for GOD’s enabling grace that sustained me!