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Worship is not a performance

Those you who have been with me for some time or listened to me teach know that I firmly believe that worship is meant for the congregation to participate in, not for a few people to perform in. Over the years I have focused more and more on worship ministry, rather than performing, and thus have gotten better and better at worship leading rather than performing.

Now, young people sometimes are tempted that they are on stage for a performance. Others got irritated from error of technicality . Others also are particular with their gadgets, that one day I brought a pricy guitar from Guitar Center, 2014 firebird , the guitarist quarreled on who  will play it first lol! Young people now a days are so different 20 years ago, when…. I was still at their age.

The best graduation gift

My son will be graduating soon ! I am thinking for the best graduation gift which can be a token that he walks out of his student life into the professional sphere. This transition can mean a lot to him. He does no longer a teenager but a grown up man. He is stepping into the world as a person who is ready to shoulder responsibilities and is ready to bear the burden of the family. I am sure my son might be waiting for something. I went to a music instrument store last week and saw his dream guitar . He always wanted a GIBSON guitar so might consider it. My wife suggested a high-end smart phone but I prefer musical instrument than electronic gadget. Why ? because the later depreciates fast while a musical instrument appreciate much of its value.

Practicing guitar with pedal effects

I am a guitar player for 35 years now. For beginners who are still struggling to learn to play guitar, I know practicing gets a little boring. You sit down and feel like you are doing the same exercises over and over and playing the same songs. Then there could be time that you feel you aren’t getting any better and the joy of playing the guitar is no longer there.
For those who felt the same way, perk up your guitar lesson with one of the best guitar practice aids by using an electric guitar effects pedal. Whether you play electric guitar or acoustic, assuming it has the electronics, effects pedals make practicing quite a bit more fun. The reason is because now you have new sounds that you can mix and match making everything you do sound completely different. I guarantee that once you start playing with effects you will spend hours having fun coming up with new sound. I am  mxr univibe as my electric guitar pedal effects and I am very satisfied with it. You can find a lot of brands and model on music store these days. So start your practices with pedal effects!

My sons passion for guitars

The guitar is a very popular instrument and many people want to learn to play it. My son learned to play guitar when he was just 9 years okd. His eagerness to learn surprized me. Without supervision, he was able to play the chords well to hia favorite songs. He even have a working knowledge of its parts and their individual function.

Now He is already 20 years and plays in our church Junior Band called spectrum. He has a conplete set of gadgets at home to conplete his collection. He a kluson tuners, an irig for his phone, distortion gadget,tuners, guitar picks and other gadgets.

Launchpad Pro does it all…

Why suffer getting overcrowded with a lot of stuff that not only consume space but cramp your time using them. Imagine an octopus with its arms all tangled from reaching different instruments all at the same time. The launchpad pro Novation Launchpad Pro offers them all in one device. its friendly to the musical genius in you. Start playing like a pro and mix your own flavor of beat using one gadget that has it all and does it all.  Our church music ministry is planning to get one set soon! Thanks to our gracious donor.