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The season of giving!!

It’s the yuletide season and every one are getting excited for the long-awaited, well-deserved holiday break! Christmas is the most favorite season for all people – adults and kids because it is the time to nurture family ties and value the essence of giving for family members and friends . A time when people use gifts to show their loved ones how they feel about them.

In our church, we joined together in celebrating our Christmas Party as well as Pastor’s Appreciation Sunday. It is the time of the year where church members show their appreciation to us pastors by giving token or presents.
These are the gifts I received 2 Sundays ago. Some gifts were large , some were small , some give in cash while some give their thoughts by writing letters. What ever the form maybe , I am grateful for the the thoughts and the expressions of your love.



THANK  YOU  !!! I know you  put a lot of thought into the items  you  chose to give me.!!!

THANKS to my wife and kids for your very special gift.

How about you ? What did you receive this Christmas ? A  new gadget from  metro phones  ? New Dress  , watch, jewelry ?    

The late Christms Gifts

It’s better late than later. This might sound funny but I’ve read this caption on a t-shirt worn by our young people in the church. It’s also the truth about what happened to the package sent by my sister who’s working in the U.S.A. She always sees to it that every October she would buy stuffs for us through the “Balikbayan Box” as we call it here in our place and it usually arrives a day or two before Christmas day.

But this year due to Typhoon Haiyan which wreck havoc and destruction to a wide area in the Philippines, it affected much of the land, air and sea transportation, so that the packaged arrived 3-months later. My mom received a brand new Nikon digital camera complete with a nikon coolpix s6000 charger and a lot more! It’s all worth the wait. Yep, it’s better late that later!

Our Churchs Christmas party was a blast!

Thanks to the Christmas Party committee of Blessed Hope Christian Community Church International. Everyone enjoyed the presentation, games, exchanging of gifts and most of the foods. We laugh our heart out and finished the party  an hour late from the schedule because of the fun activities.

I was so happy also  to see my son playing his electric guitar in most of the Christmas songs presented. In less than a week of practice, he was able to hit the chords perfectly. I hope he can get the fender jaguar bass at Musicians Friend he has been dreaming of. We already gave him a new rhythm guitar before Christmas, now he is aiming to get a bass guitar this 2014 out from his allowance.

Burlap this Christmas Season

It’s defined as a “coarse canvas woven from jute, hemp, or a similar fibre, used especially for sacking.” I’m talking about Burlap. But don’t you know that it is the hottest textile trend today? Yap and it’s because of its rustic and elegant look with that stylish touch that burlap textiles is so popular nowadays. You can try to visit and see for yourself why many are in love with this thing. They also have products that are needed by party rental stores, wedding planners (I’m into this…), banquet halls, fine dining restaurants and even resorts which are popular here in our place. Why don’t you check on this one.?

Do you know what children want for Christmas this year?

 Christmas is on it’s way and will be here before you know it. October is ending tomorrow and the season of gift-giving will be just a month away . If you have kids, you know the feeling you get when you come to realize that you procrastinated too long and now you will never find that hot and popular toy . The result is you find yourself asking your kids about the toy they want second best… LOL!

I have been there . so busy with my work that I realized it’s only a week before our family exchanging gifts. . I have also found myself out late on Christmas Eve hoping to find the one toy they desired the most and ending up all of them out-of-stock already. That was 5 years ago, my kids are already grown-up now . They prefer more on cash gift! Which I guess, is more costly!