The season of giving!!

It’s the yuletide season and every one are getting excited for the long-awaited, well-deserved holiday break! Christmas is the most favorite season for all people – adults and kids because it is the time to nurture family ties and value the essence of giving for family members and friends . A time when people use gifts to show their loved ones how they feel about them.

In our church, we joined together in celebrating our Christmas Party as well as Pastor’s Appreciation Sunday. It is the time of the year where church members show their appreciation to us pastors by giving token or presents.
These are the gifts I received 2 Sundays ago. Some gifts were large , some were small , some give in cash while some give their thoughts by writing letters. What ever the form maybe , I am grateful for the the thoughts and the expressions of your love.



THANK  YOU  !!! I know you  put a lot of thought into the items  you  chose to give me.!!!

THANKS to my wife and kids for your very special gift.

How about you ? What did you receive this Christmas ? A  new gadget from  metro phones  ? New Dress  , watch, jewelry ?    

Launchpad Pro does it all…

Why suffer getting overcrowded with a lot of stuff that not only consume space but cramp your time using them. Imagine an octopus with its arms all tangled from reaching different instruments all at the same time. The launchpad pro Novation Launchpad Pro offers them all in one device. its friendly to the musical genius in you. Start playing like a pro and mix your own flavor of beat using one gadget that has it all and does it all.  Our church music ministry is planning to get one set soon! Thanks to our gracious donor.

Nothing beats Sony headsets!

Listening to that crisp and  soothing sound music is what I really like. My family has been lovers of music  and  plays well with different kinds of musical instruments since  I was young.  Our son  today plays the lead guitar  in our church worship team. At times,  the demand for him to practice new songs is very stressful due to his hectic schedule being a medical  technologist  student and a full academic scholar too! He  always enjoy  the time practicing new songs  using his  sony headsets.      .  The best part of it is the pleasure of  hearing the right tune with such quality  . He surely  enjoy playing the right chords and notes for our church worship team. Nothing beats sony headphones with it comes to hearing beats!

Paradigm shift for our youth Church

In the last 15 years of serving in the youth ministry , I have had ample experiences trying to incorporate some new ideas into ministry. By something new, I do not mean opening stripper poles or wine bar . I am thinking of going out from the comfort zone and having a paradigm shift. Like having different order of worship, new musical styles , new instruments, changed focus and other things .

Attempting to try something new with the vision of being relevant to the youth and its passion can often get one classified as liberal. But this is what we have to do being the the 21st generation, an era of modern technology . To start with, I did some inventory with our musical instruments and gadgets. This is what I found out : We have to upgrade the cymbals for our drum set , new bass guitar tuner , replaced all microphone caps, new set of wireless microphones and add portable amplifiers for mobility during campus crusades. After completing this one we can move on to the next plan.

Looking for Ukelele

Our family is musically inclined. We all love to sing and play musical instruments. My great grandfather loves to spend time in the evening singing to folk songs during his time while our grandma played a guitar. Our mom plays the piano, guitar and ukelele. My two siblings (I’m the only male), are expert piano players and they could sing too, while I enjoy playing the keyboards, piano and guitar and composing songs. My mom lately told me to look into a ukulele strings review since she wants to buy a brand new ukulele for herself. I will surprise her for this one. I’ll buy her that new musical instrument. I hope I can  get a cheaper ukelele from our local stores here.